Ouch ~

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Things that aren’t nice:

  • Telling someone you have feelings for them, then being rejected by that person.
  • Being friends with them
  • Seeing their posts “I need a significant other”

well, that fucked up my night.
Tears don’t stop after this point, do they?

I mean, I’ve been trying to be there. To be her friend… But friendship shouldn’t hurt this much 

Yeah, I like her still. 

Yeah, I listen to her playlists more than my own.

Maybe I know her better than I know myself, and that hurts because she doesn’t even care to know me like I know her.

She wouldn’t care if I told her I didn’t like bananas, would she? Yet I have it logged in my memory that she doesn’t. 

She probably doesn’t realize that even though everyone else called me cute today, I know she didn’t and that’s what stuck.

She doesn’t feel the same way, and in theory I can handle that. I can deal. 

But it’s harder than it sounds…

She enlightens me….

Yet, she snapped earlier and I wish I could have done something to make it all better.

But I’ll get up tomorrow and text her, I’ll ask her at the end of the day how she feels, I’ll see if I can make her problems disappear… 

This is the agonizing pain of liking a friend.