Listen – I can still hear the arguing,
The breaking shot glasses against the wall.
Neatly tucked away in the dark, I huddled; weeping in silence so the beast would not hear.
Tightened breathing, darkened room, cold doorframe where shadows grew.
When there was silence, it was overwhelming.

He was convinced they were listening, prying at our family, peeking behind our doors.
I crowded into bathtubs, hid from bullets that were seeking.
Covered the baby with my body, cried to Jesus to stop the fighting.
Diesel engines left running, in the haunting nightmare I couldn’t be woken from.

In my mind, they will always be there. The noises will stay.
Alcohol being poured, drunk men chattering on the porch.
The sound of the locking door, parents fucking
Not thinking about their poor daughter’s ears a wall away.


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Poetry Wednesday

Love, Poetry, Poetry Wednesday

For the dreams come true,

The life long lived,

That rose-tint hue,

Hearts given in.

I let myself go,

So beauty may be found,

But I became lost,

My life, shaken up from the ground.

For the tears shed,

Papers thrown out,

The fears that growled,

That true girl came out.

From the scared being,

That lived deep within,

I cry out to the darkness,

That light can grow from within.

My one plea, is to please not forget me.

I lost a lot through our love,

And you might just waste it.

So, as a human,

I ask for the right,

To forget all that happened,

I need a new light.