Pare back


I don’t want to impress or distract. I don’t want frills or parties or many friends. I want satisfaction with myself. I’ve always considered that to be my ultimate goal in life – to be happy being alone. To be able to find complete happiness and satisfaction if I were locked in a room by myself and no contact with others – if I could just exist alone and be content. My minimalist style really plays to that – it brings in light and uses only natural and modest colors to enhance the beauty of a space. Some might call that boring, but I think it just pares back all frivolity that many use to cover up insecurities and faults. In using minimalism, whether in decorating a room or in my closet, the style allows for the room to speak for itself, and for my body to speak for itself. I don’t need gaudy decor or makeup to display my personality. I am neither gaudy or frivolous. I am practical and natural. Something that can be depended on for elegance and quality.


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