beautiful, Blame, Family, Journal, Love, no trust

I can’t decide what I need out of life right now. I’m having difficulties emotionally connecting to things, which worries me. There’s a tremendous amount of stress for me at home, but who doesn’t have that same issue?

I want to learn how to be a positive person, especially when I am under stress.

I feel like my recent dreams have been able to accurately describe how I feel.

Lost, I looked for my mom. Going inside the house, I looked from room to room, but still no sign. The wind outside audibly picked up, howling, making the house tremble. Suddenly, gravities pull felt stronger as I was lifted into the air – as the entire house was lifted into the air. Where was mom? The house came crashing, tumbling down, glass shattered around me from what had once been windows. The ground inches from my face, ruins surrounded me. Crawling out from the rubble, I tried to find mom. Where was she? I just wanted to be held. Blood dripped into my hand – the world around me had completely changed. Where was my hug?



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