Literally about Headphones

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Everything has been changing around here, between my emotional needs and my long-lasting fears, I’ve been having to confront a lot of issues.

I just tore apart my room looking for a pair of headphones. They’re just regular, old, iphone issued headphones with a microphone and audio adjustment button that Cadence gave me.

Before now, I never really thought much about how Cadence had given them to me – my appreciation for them stemmed from the fact that I could change the volume of my music at ease and pause it without a lot of effort. But as most things do, that changed. I lost the headphones approximately a week ago and it has been bugging me so much. I have another pair, but they don’t have the mic, and I’ve just never been as attached to them.

I  moved my bed, gone through every bag I’ve used in the last two weeks, cleaned my room, gone through the dirty laundry, looked through my sister’s stuff, and I have found a lot of other things – but not the headphones. The last time I recall having them, I was at a local coffee shop working on my resume.. I remember putting them in my bag, and I possibly used them again that week to watch shows on my computer, but I can’t recall if they had a mic or not.

It would bring me so much peace to just have them again.


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