Probably Goodbye?


Criticism is hard to take, soccer moms who micro-manage should really see therapists, and online quarrels solve nothing.

Dealing with people who make you uncomfortable is just a part of life – whether they are Mrs. Haley or Gramps, the asshole fathers that come and go for piano lessons, or that really creepy dude that sat in church and stared at your boobs but you can’t remember his name, so you call him creepy-receding-hairline-dude-who-said-you-should-smile-more-asswipe. They’re people you’ve got to deal with because not everyone is going to be your ideal human-being who understand that you have depression, PTSD, and eating disorders. Because some people are just fucking assholes, and those people are not to be reasoned with – they’re the people you just leave behind in life. Because if you’re toxic to me being me, I’ve had enough of that. If I’m toxic for you – It’s probably best for the both of us if we just go separate ways.

Not every person in the world is going to “get it” when I do me and it doesn’t meet your standard, but hey, if I’m happy with myself, it really doesn’t matter what you think.

This is a place where I make myself vulnerable, where I open up and let out what I can’t say in my day-to-day life.

This is where I am me to the fullest extent that I can be. But it’s also time for me to say bye to this blog and start a new one. I need a fresh slate, new people.