What’s Happening?


I had grown so comfortable having a home that I forgot what it was like to stay somewhere else.

I’m staying with my aunt and uncle who live near my school when I have classes, and go back to my mom’s when I don’t for a long period of time (2-3+ days), and this is my first night here. I’m really emotional because it’s really quiet and I have to think, there isn’t anything to distract me.

All I can think about is my poor dog. We left her with my sister’s babysitter’s kids, and I don’t know them. I’m worried she thinks I abandoned her and I can’t handle that

I’m crying because I love her so much and wish I could tell her.

I am homesick, I want to go home.

My parents go back to court tomorrow, and I wish my life could just flow

Also, I have these really awful allergies, and have had them for like a week now, and I have had fevers, vomiting, stomach pains, sore throats, achey body parts, stuffy nose, and even loss of hearing in one ear.

The loss of hearing is particularly annoying.


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