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As of wednesday the 16th of March 2016, I no longer live with my grandparents. This move has inspired a great deal of thought toward my future, what it holds, and how I will achieve it.

The stress that I previously had due to the astonishing amount of disapproval and harsh attitudes I had to deal with while living under their roof has now dissipated and I am left with a great magnitude of space in my mind that I can use for problems and issues that aren’t nearly as important.

I am living with my mom, in the mountains on the West Coast of California, it’s truly lovely here. My issues with the new living situation are many, though my new worries are few.

My oldest sister (18), myself (16), and my youngest sister (3) are all sharing a room that has two beds and a small closet. The entire house has six rooms (Master bedroom, second bedroom, upstairs bath, downstairs bath, living room, and kitchen) all of which are sinfully small. All in all, there are five people and a small dog in this apartment, and it’s far too cramped.

With this move, my boyfriend (poor soul), has been left back in the valley and I don’t have much time left after dealing with the other people in my house to give him.

But I have had time to put thought into my future, and how I will achieve these monstrous dreams I have (for someone who has no hope of things going my way). I am worried, to say it in few words. I want a lot out of the world, but I am also willing to take the most it can offer me.. Which, I am worried will be very little.

I made a list of the things I need out of life, and here they are:

a.) I must travel

b.) I must go to college, preferably an Ivy League University

c.) No matter where I am financially, quality over quantity

d.) I must be financially savvy

e.) I must allow myself to make important connections

f.) I must allow myself to go to (cultured) entertainment

Now, let me indulge on what each of those items mean to me. Travelling is a must because I want to leave this world with the most knowledge that my mind will allow, and I firmly believe that if a person stays in one place their whole life, their education will be limited and rather fruitless. I want to go to college, and an Ivy League University at that, because I believe that college can make or break a person’s future (not that everyone needs it). I want to set myself up for a life of opportunity and culture, one that is far from limited. This will allow for me to continue on a path toward, what I consider, success. Quality over quantity is very important because it means not settling for less. The quality of my life will always be the best our world can offer, even if I cannot afford it in large amounts. I will not settle for mediocrity. My finances will be a priority, and while what I own may be quality, it will not hinder my future success because I will have bought those things in moderation. Making important connections will likely be the most crucial thing I do in my entire life. One’s peers become one’s lifestyle, and their caliber of life will affect your own. It is also important to note that important connections can come in immensely handy in tough situations as well as create financial and emotional success. This also entails dropping people from my life that I see as potential road-blocks to my dream and those who are poisonous to my mindset and lifestyle. Participating cultured entertainment is something I have always enjoyed, it is something that has expanded my thinking, and which has served as a get-away from those who expect less from life.


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