Trying Too Hard

fuck you, Future, school

I’m not sure what happened when we left my dad, but my grades haven’t gotten better since – and they should have. I have been putting my entire life into my education. School comes before everything, even my boyfriend. I have only skipped a class once, I have never ditched school, I am the kind of kid who looks into the topics outside of what the textbooks say – just so that I have a complete understanding of what happened.

While I do all of that, I also make a habit of doing more than the teachers ask – unless specified that they want an exact amount.

I have always turned homework in ON TIME – for example, my latest essay. I turned it in a day early, the due date was february 24th, and there are still students who haven’t turned theirs in (as of march 7th).

So, uh, can anyone explain to me why I got a B-?

Apparently aspiring to go to Yale and having extracurriculars out my ass isn’t enough for my damn teachers? What about the fact that they asked for a minimum of 7 sources and I gave 24? And my writing? I didn’t have any spelling errors, grammatical errors, or logical fallacies. My organization was superb. But still I got a B-.


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