Respect: Low on Battery


I’m a fairly respectful person in person, I don’t tell people what they believe is wrong or that they are wrong, like ever. I get that people have different opinion than myself and I don’t push their buttons.

That is – as long as they respect me.

If they don’t respect me and my decisions, to be simply put, I don’t respect theirs. You get what you give. An eye for an eye, however you want to put it.

Of course, I wouldn’t be writing this post if something hadn’t happened. Well, I have little to no respect left for white-christian-men. They seriously can go die, all of them.

They tend to have no respect for other people, especially those who don’t have the same opinions as them, nor for women in their lives. They annoy the shit out of me and they’re so disrespectful.

Of course, being that I grew up Christian, I was taught that you treat men with utmost respect, and so in my day-to-day life, I still am. But, it feels more like a bad habit instead of a respectful (predominately good) one.

I just want to be myself, and I do not like them. I feel like being nice to them is just too much, I’m not being myself by sucking up like I do.

Now, if I were to throw my starbucks drink at the men sitting at the table adjacent to my own, my immediate reaction afterward would probably be (after the great adrenaline) that they are people too and it would feel rude and awful, and since I know that, I don’t.

There is no humanity in it, there is no human decency. Even if they aren’t decent people, I still need to be. For the most part.



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