Poetry Wednesday


it hurts so much these days

I can hardly tell two separate ways

There are some hours where it seems I can bare all things,

but then the dawn comes and I know; I must fall apart and cry my heart


I knew I could never make it,

I knew I had no chance,

I knew this world would bring me down with everything it had.

I’ve always been a failure.

The girl who wouldn’t do.

I would try my absolute hardest,

but still yet fail when it came end.

So why do I continue

to kill myself in plight?

I need to prove my theory wrong,

I need to win

to show the world I can be right.

But that is impossible,

as all science will show.

I will prove that right time and time again,

as long as I never need to win.

So I will continue,

to sit in the dark corners of my room.

crying out the fibers of my soul that’s brought me through.

I’m not worthy.

They don’t care.

I’m not needed.

Who will notice if I’m not there?

It won’t matter.

They won’t care.

This is so stupid.

Why should I waste their air?

I’m a menace.

They don’t need me here.

I am the very thing that has been keeping them,

holding all them back.

Why should I continue?

Why should I stay here?

Do I have reason to continue living where I obviously do not have a place.

They do not need me.

They do not care.

But what if they did?

Would it change a thing?

Would it make me happier if I had a place?

I will never know, unless I try.

So let’s give it another shot

Let’s kill ourselves in plight.


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