A Moment of Crisis


I wish I didn’t take my grades so seriously. It’s difficult, I want to keep them up. I do try, but I feel like before I always had the excuse that I wasn’t in highschool yet. Once I was in high school, I was going to get my shit together and be an A student again.

Well guess what, hun. You’re not an A student, you’re a B student. Your shit ran away and you don’t even know where to look to get it together and the world isn’t round.

What did I do to the world to deserve being a B student? I work hard for A’s. I want A’s.

I mean, I could take it as a compliment because it means my teachers see more in me. They think I have it in me to be better,  but getting B’s doesn’t motivate me to be better. It makes me want to quit because I try so hard and am only getting B’s.

Update: I just checked my grades from previous years and I’m actually doing better than before. I just expected more of myself.


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