Repost: I Don’t Think So

dads, Family, fathers, fuck you, Journal, Memories, Personal

You used to tell me that I was lazy, that I would never amount to anything.

You used to tell me I was scared of work.

What made you say that? Because you cared too much about it. You cared so much about work that you forgot about me, your family.

But that doesn’t matter now. I’m done with you, you are no longer considered family to me. Not anymore.

It doesn’t matter now because I work harder than anyone else in my class, but not to prove anything to you. It’s because I enjoy the sweat and tears, it because I can look  back and say “fuck you, I did it.” but not for your approval. It’s so I can kick the dust in your face as I run past you.

I’m a breed higher than you, though it’s your blood running through me.

I’m a soul worthier than yours, because I have it in me.

I am me and just that one fact right there proves that I am of thicker meaning than 10x what you are.

I can do anything, and I believed in myself when you didn’t.

Now you smile at me and say “I always knew you could do it”, but if that’s even true, you didn’t say it when it would have meant something. I have no proof, and no reason to believe it’s true.

So, I’m saying it now, with just as much respect as you deserve, fuck you.

I never needed a dad anyway.


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