Future, Nature

I feel a deep sense of longing in my heart. Maybe it’s because I had too much caffeine, and maybe it’s the music I’m listening to, but I miss something and I miss having a home.

I’m not sure what I miss other than that, but I want to love again. I want a lot.

I want to get into Yale, and if not, then somewhere away from my small town.

I want to find purpose in my life, I am seeking love and fulfillment.

I want to wake up in the morning and not have to worry about getting dressed before leaving my room because my grandma will be sitting watching the wonderful Fox News on TV…

I want to wake up and listen to wind chimes and drink chai tea, I want to hear the sound of rain on a tin roof and fall in love with myself and play the piano in the rain.

I have to say, that is one of the best feelings, playing piano in the rain. It is like being one with nature and being a duo: Nature & Human. We combine ourselves into one and make the most beautiful music.

I have an emotional and “spiritual” connection with the rain and water in general. I feel like most people do though. I feel so in touch with Me when I am in it.

The rain drops of rain falling on my skin, like unexpected tear drops, and the chill I get down my spine when I can smell the rain coming. Standing in the rain with no sense of self-conciousness. I am one with it and with the world as I stand in the rain. It’s the best feeling.


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