Our First Life Update

Journal, Personal

As I am still learning how to use WordPress, I want to submerge myself into it’s entirety and just get right down to who I am. With my last blog, I danced around subjects and I say “No More!”. I am going to brief you, my dear reader, on who I am as a person.

  • I am a Secular Humanist, new to my ways, but not to the thoughts.
  • I am a Feminist, and those of you who disagree with that choice of mine, you can meander away just as you came in.
  • I was verbally abused as a child and will frequently talk about it’s impact on my life and also reflect on the things that happened to me.
  • I am an emotional and blatant personality. I don’t say things to please others, only to get it out (at least on here). If you disagree with my views or ideas, you can either politely leave or prepare yourself for a nice heated debate. I fight for my beliefs when I feel it is called for.


Today was a long and emotional day for me, though it was also a positive one. I got to see my mom and we went shopping together, I would like to express my deep love for her and all she’s done for my sister and I.

She left my father almost two years ago, and with no college education, she went from cleaning houses to being a manager in five months. She moved to a city where she had no contacts, and started anew. After being physically and verbally abused by her ex-husband, she decided to make her life worth living and get out of the mess that had been her life for seventeen years.

My mother is a saint and I love her for being as strong as she is.

Sometimes I feel like living here is holding me back, like I could live a million different places and have a better future. But, like I told my mom earlier today, I’m like a rubber band, and this place keeps pulling me back tighter and tighter, but when I’m ready to go, I’m gonna fly off higher and go farther than I am expecting even now. So, I let myself get pulled back, let myself get uncomfortable with the towns small minds and views, but when it comes time for release, I won’t be held back by anything.


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